Answered By: Kelsie Crawford
Last Updated: Oct 19, 2020     Views: 4

Users of Macintosh OSX may have trouble opening PDF files. They may be downloaded as .asp, after which the user will need to open Acrobat Reader, select File, Open then navigate to the document. Or, the .asp file may have to be renamed .pdf.

There is a more efficient method that will accomplish the same result. You can set the Macintosh to automatically open the PDF.

To set up a Macintosh to automatically open a PDF:

  1. Download a PDF onto your computer desktop.

  2. Select it by clicking on the downloaded file once.

  3. Go to File>Get Info.

  4. Under Open With select Preview (default) or Adobe Reader.

  5. Click on Change All so that it will always open with Preview or Reader automatically, without requiring that the above steps be followed each time.